GCDM (Core drill)
     TG (Tungsten electrode sharpener)
     GTG (Edge grinder)
     TR (Turning roller)
     GTW (Auto Feeding)
     Cutter Arbor
     GTW (Bevelling machine)
     GTB (Bead shaving)
     GTB (Pipe bead shaving)
     GTP (Paint removing)
     GTS(Facing off)
     GT (pneumatic chamfering)
     GT (electric chamfering)
     Radiation Irradiation System
     Gamma Shelter Door
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      GT-50TS [Discontinued]



GT-50TS 0 ~ 3C
Height Adjustment One-touch Spline Controller
Adjustment Increments Minimum 0.1mm step
Weight 1.5 kg
Compressed Air Pressure 6kg/cm2  /  0.3m3/min
Inserts No. of inserts: 2 inserts
Rough edge Cut edge (option)
VCGW110304 VCGT110304
Bevel Range C0 ~ C3.0
Angle 45
Durable Guide Roller Patented guide roller (not a bearing type)
Usages plate, curve, and hole (min. 10 ) edge chamfering