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      GTL-38SP [Discontinued]

Brand: Chamfo
Model: GTL-38SP

Description : Pneumatic beveller, Chamfo GTL-38SP
Usage         : Beveling work at narrow or low space of minimum approx. 65mm

Controller   : One-touch type controller
Adjustment : in unit of 0.1mm (from 0.5 to 1.5mm)
Cutter         : 1 pcs of carbide cutter

Physical Specifications
Weight: 1.43kgs
Total length: 330 mm
      - Handle: 165 mm
      - Neck: 95 mm
      - Head: 70 mm

Base plate: 68mm diameter
Guide Bearing: 15mm(d) x 5mm (h)
Height from top to guide bearing: 64 mm (when C1.0)