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      GTR-3AC models [Discontinued]


Five improved features than other Radius beveling tools;

1. One-touch type Zero point calibration (P model only)
2. Multi R Beveling - Curves, Holes, and Plates beveling
3. Stopper for easy replacement of cutter
4. Turning base plate - reduce friction (P, G model only)
5. 3 ejection pins for easy detaching a cutter (P model only)

Physical Specification;
- Air pressure: 6kg/cm2
- Angle: 45 degree
- R beveling: 3R (4R, 5R - upon request)
- No. of cutters: 1 cutter
- Hole: min. 20mm
- Hole depth: min. 10mm
- Corner: min. R10

Reference Rule (IMO's PSPC rule):
To avoid insufficient coating film thickness at certain areas, such as corners, edges and weld seams in the ballast tanks, mechanical grinding of the edge area is required since stripe coatings applied on a smoother edge profile will retain liquid paints longer than the sharper shaped edge does.
For this purpose, "3-Pass or 2-R" edge grinding treatment prior to secondary surface preparation is specified by IMO's PSPC rule.   ----- from "Effect of edge preparation methods on edge retention rate of epoxy coatings for ship's ballast tanks" by S.S. Seo, K.K. Baek, C.S.Park, C.H. Lee and M.K.Chung of Hyundai Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.


GTR-3AC R3, R4, R5
Pneumatic Radius Beveling Machines
Usage Radius beveling of plate, contour and hole
Models GTR-3AC-P / GTR-3AC-G / GTR-3AC-N
No. of cutters 1 cutter (8 blades)
Available radius R3, R4, R5
Adjustment one-touch type screw type screw type
Turning base plate O O no
Cutter ejection pins O no no
Spindle lock O O O
Straight guide
(sold separately)
O no no