GCDM (Core drill)
     TG (Tungsten electrode sharpener)
     GTG (Edge grinder)
     TR (Turning roller)
     GTW (Auto Feeding)
     Cutter Arbor
     GTW (Bevelling machine)
     GTB (Bead shaving)
     GTB (Pipe bead shaving)
     GTP (Paint removing)
     GTS(Facing off)
     GT (pneumatic chamfering)
     GT (electric chamfering)
     Radiation Irradiation System
     Gamma Shelter Door
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      Edge Grinder, GTG-1700DSA

Buffing, edge of Laser cutting



Edge Grinder


- Easy to remove the Oxide film, deep scratch, rust on the laser and plasma cutting on the hole, curve, and straight of the plate.
- Removing or deburring films such as zinc plating and stainless steel. It is possible to work in various parts such as inside, outside diameter of pipe or the edge, hole, curve of plate.
- Height can be adjusted per minimum 5mm step, suitable for various thickness work.
- Weight: 5.3kg