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 Zero point setting (GT-38S)
Times : 12437 Date : 2011년01월29일
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Zero point is one of most important factors to get the better result in chamfering work.

All our products are released after setup of the zero point.
However, the zero point calibration could be required by various reasons.
In that case, please refer to the following guideline.

GT-38S models can easily set up the zero point with one-touch controller.
(On GT-100B models, please refer to this way)

1. Unfasten the zero setup ring (2) by 1.5mm wranch
2. Rotate the depth guage (3) to the right as far as it will go to the starting position

3. Place a square block on the base plate and squashed up against a guide bearing or a guide bar
    - When the block is hanging on the inserts or a rotary burr, turn (3) the guage to left
    - When the block is far from the inserts or a rorary burr, turn (3) the guage to right
    - When you get the nearest distance between the block and inserts, this is the right zero point.
4. Match the two "0" marks in a line then fix the zero setup ring (2) with a 1.5mm wranch.